Janus Technology Releases Control4 KNX Thermostat Driver

Janus Technology has released a new Control4 KNX Universal thermostat driver.

The software consultancy has developed a Control4 thermostat driver embedded with knowledge of various manufacturers and models and the different ways of controlling them. Current manufacturers include ABB, Gira, Jung, Basalte, Zennio and more. If a thermostat is not yet supported, Janus Technology have the ability to include it within a few days.  

Designed to integrate simply and working in conjunction with the existing Control4 KNX network driver, an installer selects the manufacturer/model, the visible properties within the driver are then adjusted to display only those properties that are relevant for configuration of that specific device. This includes selection of operating mode switchover (heating / cooling). 

Additionally, the Control4 GUI can be configured so that extra capabilities related to the thermostat and/or zone in which it is located can be accessed from the EXTRAs tab on the Control4 interface. For example, this could include extract fans, heated towel rails, etc. 


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