Jetbuilt Adds Purchase Order Integration to Software Platform

Jetbuilt has added purchase order integration to their domestic and international software.

Jetbuilt_integrationThe purchase order integration enables dealers to order the items in their projects with a simple click. Once the proposal is converted to a job, the option to send purchase orders for the initial project phase is offered. This added feature is included in the dealer’s subscription and will remain a free feature for all dealers who subscribe to Jetbuilt software before the in-application project management tools are released later this year.

Jetbuilt recently announced the international platform of their online AV proposal and estimation software to reflect international currencies, products and more to benefit the dealers located outside the US. Jetbuilt AV proposal and estimating software works on a Mac or PC or Mobile and includes a database of products that are updated by the Jetbuilt team as manufacturers release new products. Integrators can include their own labor and design rates which the software then recalls for subsequent proposals. Users can bundle their go-to systems and packages and drop them into future projects with one step. Additional features include automated location-based sales tax, QuickBooks integration, budget tracking, and auto data fill-ins.

Jetbuilt also includes collaboration and access to team members’ progress, whether they’re in the adjacent cubicle or across the country.

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