Just Add Power announces ISE technology lineup

Just Add Power (J+P) has announced the technology it will be highlighting at ISE next month.

The new 3G+ 767DSS Dante Enhanced Sounds System transmitter, which adds compatibility with Dante and AES67 audio networks to Ultra HD-over-IP systems, with separate switching of audio and video, will be the company’s main focus for the show. 

Also highlighted will be the 726TVI 2G/3G+ TVI and 709P2P 3G Point-to-Point PoE transmitters, as well as the 3G Ultra HD-over-IP Series Daisy Chain PoE receiver and Just OS family of firmware and app-based solutions. 

The 767DSS transmitter will make its world debut at the show. Supporting the latest Dante 8 channel chipset, the transmitter allows installers to input up to eight audio channels form the J+P system for playout on Dante-enabled and AES67 devices and extract up to eight channels from the audio network for playout across the J+P system. 

Other transmitters that will be on display includes the 726TVI, which adds HD-TVI support for 3G HD-over-IP systems without the need for a TV-HDMI converter, allowing integrators to cost-effectively incorporate a security camera or DVR as a video source. The 709P2P transmitter distributes Ultra HD and 4K video with HDCP 2.2 over a single Cat-5e cable. It supports all lossless audio formats and control endpoints with RS-232 and IR (using J+P’s VBS-HDMI-IRD RS-232 to IR converter). The 40W PoE injector can power up to four receivers, eliminating additional cabling and power infrastructure. 

The VBS-HDIP-3G 509POE Daisy Chain receiver will be making its European debut at the show. The device distributes Ultra HD and 4K video over a single Cat-5e cable without the need for fibre. With the onboard pass-through network port, any PoE device can be connected. The receiver also easily expands the number of PoE devices that can be added to the system by connecting a PoE switch to the port.

J+P will also demonstrate its new Just OS family of firmware, built from the ground up with the Representational State Transfer (REST) application programming interface (API), which is widely used in IoT application development. Just OS will feature the company’s latest firmware update, which enables J+P’s Every Switch Supported (ESS) capabilities — developed to allow integrators to build any size 4K matrix on an existing network without having to change switches. It also brings together J+P’s Switch Please and Plug-Play-Present solutions under one umbrella.

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