JVC intros first 8K ’˜e-shift’ home cinema projectors

Today at CEDIA 2018, JVC unveiled its first e-shift home cinema projectors, the DLA-NX9/DLA and RS3000, in addition to debuting its latest 4K line.

Built around the JVC’s newly developed D-ILA device, JVC has introduced six projectors in total at the show – including the Procision Series DLA-NX9, DLA-NX7, DLA-NX5 and the Reference Series DLA-RS3000, DLA-RS2000 and DLA-RS1000.

The company’s much-talked about 8K e-shift technology is incorporated into the DLA-NX9 and DLA-RS3000 projectors, working alongside 100mm diameter high resolution glass lens.

Thanks to its 8K e-shift technology, JVC is claiming the title of the “world's first home theatre projectors that achieve 8K display.” JVC state that its proprietary high resolution display technology quadruples the resolution by shifting pixels diagonally 0.5 pixel. E-shift technology works together with native 4K D-ILA devices to produce an 8K image on the screen.

JVC’s Multiple Pixel Control high resolution technology also reportedly supports full HD and 4K images being converted to HD 8K images.

The DLA-NX7/DLA-RS2000 and DLA-NX5/DLA-RS1000 incorporate a 65mm diameter glass lens and deliver native 4K performance. JVC’s recently developed 0.69-in 4K D-ILA device with 3.8 mm-pixel pitch achieves a high resolution display of 8.8 million pixels (4096 x 2160 pixels), and with “improved planarization technique” to reduce light scattering and diffraction.

JVC’s latest projector line will be released in October 2018. US pricing has been announced as the following: DLA-NX9/DLA-RS3000 $17,999.95, DLA-NX7/DLA-RS2000 $7,999.95 and DLA-NX5/DLA-RS1000 $5,999.95.