JVC launches 9200 series of OLED Android TV devices for Europe

JVC has announced today the launch of its 9200 series of OLED 4K HDR Android TV devices.

The 55-in and 65-in TVs offer OLED picture quality, and Dolby Atmos support.

The 9200 series offerds support for Dolby Vision and a swivel-base stand design allows for greater viewing angles and flexibility, delivering a viewing experience from any seat in the room.   

For further surround sound support, both the TVs’ eARC HDMI port, allows them to be hooked up to a sound system, which can then be controlled using the TV remote. 

The TVs offer 100/120Hz refresh rates, and an Auto Low Latency mode (ALLM), as specified by the HDMI 2.1 standard, automatically switches to the TVs’ lowest latency setting.  

While the TVs can deliver 4K HDR content, they also work to optimise the picture quality of everyday sub-4K and SDR video. With SuperResolution, they refine and upscale the on-screen image, and enhance the dynamic contrast ratio with Micro Dimming. The picture quality of fast-moving action scenes can be further improved, thanks to Motion Estimation/Motion Compensation (ME/MC), which smooths out and defines the on-screen imagery. 

With a flat back and frameless bezel design, the TVs can be fitted flush on the wall, seamlessly blending in. 

The 9200 series is available now in Europe, excluding the UK, Nordics and France. 

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