L-Acoustics Creations takes home cinema to a new level

L-Acoustics Creations has unveiled new home cinema systems which are joining its Archipel Sound System range.

Fiji 5.1, Hawaii 5.1 and Tonga 7.1 systems have been added alongside their original 2.1 versions for true surround sound for home cinemas.

A key player in live sound systems for sound engineers, live event venues, and touring artists, L-Acoustics is well-positioned to bring this technology into our homes, especially during a time when people across the globe are spending more and more time at home and live events are being cancelled.

High-end homes can now have livestreamed performances using the Archipel range with the same speakers and sound technology that powers these venues and performances.

The Archipel range was launched last year and includes a mix of desktop, lounge, media room, home cinema and versatile indoor-outdoor set ups for entertaining. The range is comprised of Fiji 2.1 and 5.1, Hawaii 2.1 and 5.1, Tahiti 2.1, Tonga 2.1 and 7.1, and Ibiza 2.0, as well as bespoke installations to address any space or use scenario.

Managing director of Creative Technologies at L-Acoustics, Guillaume Le Nost said: “Consumer focus has shifted to the home, and to high-end home audio as artists create a growing library of live streaming content. Consequently, interest in the best home sound systems is surging and L-Acoustics Creations is uniquely placed to fulfil the desire to bring the concert home.

“We’ve put three decades of professional audio experience into creating packages that transform musical content into an experience that satisfies the most demanding music lover. In designing Archipel, we wanted a best-of-both-worlds marriage of pro audio and high-end sound.”

L-Acoustics Creations Archipel home sound systems can be pre-ordered now with prices starting from €7,550 for Fiji, €14,050 for Hawaii, €23,400 for Tahiti, and €39,300 for Tonga.