Parasound launches Halo JC 5 amplifier

Parasound has announced the release of its latest power amp, the Halo JC 5, inspired in part by its predecessor, the JC 1 monoblock.

Although influenced by the design of the JC 1, the Halo JC 5 offers two channels within one chassis and has high bias Class A/AB topography for 400W per channel, with an 8 ohm rating.

Naturally, 600W per channel can be delivered into four ohms and 1200W can be bridged to mono at eight ohms.

Commenting on the origins of the JC 5, Parasound founder and president, Richard Schram, said: “Our customers often tell us they love everything the JC 1 offers while wondering if we could deliver comparable performance in a no-compromise stereo power amplifier, to save them money and space – the result has exceeded everyone's expectations.”

The Halo JC5 power amp is available now (priced at $5,995.00/£6,999).

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