Legrand Expands Nuvo Series with 20 New Models

Legrand has announced three new left, center and right Nuvo Series Two, Four and Six in-wall speakers designed specifically for home theater installations. The addition expands the number of offerings in this product family to 20.

Each model integrates top-of-the-line components to offer superior audio, the highest power handling and a lifetime of performance in any home theater or multi-room audio application. 

The new Nuvo LCR speakers were designed to be vertically mounted for best performance. The speakers employ a D'Appolito speaker design, which flanks a tweeter with two woofers. This produces optimal horizontal sound dispersion and creates a null point in the vertical dispersion that eliminates points of first reflection from the floor and ceiling.

Being introduced alongside the new Series Two NV-2IW5-LCR, Series Four NV-4IW5-LCR and Series Six NV-6IW6-LCR speakers are six Nuvo brackets and four grills that enhance the look, as well as the placement and installation flexibility of the speakers.

“Our expanded line of Nuvo Series speakers combine low profile, attractive design and great sound with installation flexibility that will keep the brand at the top of the list for integrators seeking sophisticated audio solutions,” said Fritz Werder, VP/GM for the company’s Nuvo and On-Q product lines. “Our wide array of round and rectangular speakers of various sizes and configurations, as well as the brackets and grills, are perfectly matched with our Nuvo amplifiers to create the perfect audio experience for virtually any environment in the home.”

Each of the new Nuvo Series speakers can be used for left, center and right channel audio applications and present a sleek look with clean, infinity edges. They are designed to install securely and are ruggedly built to stand the test of time. In addition, they all carry a lifetime warranty.

Specs for each model are noted below:

• The N uvo Series Six speaker (NV-6IW6-LCR) delivers clear and robust audio from its two 6.5-inch (165.1mm) combination carbon fiber/Kevlar woofers and a pivoting 1-inch Titanium tweeter. 

• The Nuvo Series Four speaker (NV-4IW5-LCR) pairs remarkable clarity with dynamic, horizontally dispersed sound via two 5.25-inch (133.35mm) glass fiber woofers and a pivoting .75-inch aluminum tweeter.

• The Nuvo Series Two speaker (NV-2IW5-LCR) provides exceptionally nuanced and balanced sound from a single, slender speaker with two 5.25-inch (133.35mm) poly woofers and a pivoting .5-inch silk dome tweeter.

New Brackets and Speaker Grills Complement the Line
The six new Nuvo pre-construction speaker brackets, models NV-BRKIWC5LCR, NV-BRKIW6, NV-BRKIW6LCR, NV-BRKIC6-ANG, NV-BRK1C6 and NV-BRKIC8-ANG, are designed to support easy and secure installation. Each is color-coded with Legrand's unique Quick ID color system, which provides for the easy visual inspection of speaker placement during installation. Designed for stability and flexibility, Nuvo brackets are made of sturdy ABS plastic with two 16-inch (406mm) powder-coated metal extension arms, each with mounting holes every 3/4 of an inch (20mm). In addition, included side mount "L" adapters offer increased versatility for mounting speakers directly to the stud.     

The four new Nuvo speaker grills, models NV-RGIC6-SQR, NV-RGIC6-ANGSQR, NV-RGIC8-SQR and NV-RGIC8-ANGSQR, have clean, bezeless infinity designs for seamless integration into any room. The grills’ high quality epoxy coated steel frames adhere securely to the Nuvo speakers’ retention magnets. Each grill includes corner masking to ensure a uniform look for installed speakers, and is designed to provide homeowners the option to give round speakers a square look. They are also sold with a removable and replaceable scrim cloth to guard against damage from paint. 

The Legrand Nuvo Series Two, Four and Six speakers, speaker brackets and speaker grills are all currently available. Nuvo Series Two, Four and Six speakers have MSRPs of $299, $359 and $529, respectively. Nuvo speaker brackets have MSRPs ranging from $19 to $35. 

For additional information about Nuvo Series Two, Four and Six speakers, speaker brackets and speaker grills, click here

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