Melco offers home demos to UK customers in lockdown

Recognising that its dealers are currently unable to support customers due to coronavirus restrictions, Melco has unveiled a new offer for music lovers during lockdown.

Audiophile Digital Music Masters (ADMM), Melco’s UK distributor, will be working closely with retailers to offer its own demo stock to anyone who wishes to evaluate products in the comfort of their own homes with their own systems. 

Customers who are interested in auditioning a Melco digital music library are being advised to contact their nearest Melco retailer using its online tool. They will then work with ADMM to arrange the delivery and collection of demo samples, including the newly launched Melco EX Series of advanced music libraries and S100 data switch.

This large number of samples have become available for demos due to the cancellation and postponement of exhibitions and other events, as well as retailer’s stores having to temporarily close. 

Attempting to cater to all customer requests for samples, they are available on a first come, first served basis. 

Working with distributor ADMM and Melco, the company’s dealer network will also be able to advise on part-exchange opportunities and updating libraries to the new EX specification for existing Melco users.

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