New driver allows Lithe Audio Wi-Fi ceiling speakers to integrate with Fibaro

Lithe Audio has developed a new driver that will give Fibaro users control over Lithe Audio’s multiroom Wi-Fi ceiling speakers.

Lithe Audio Remote VD is currently compatible with a Fibaro Home Center 2 with firmware 4.460 or greater. An update for Home Center 3 is coming soon. 

This driver allows users to store up to 10 different favourite radio stations on each VD, as well as supporting a simple change from currently playing audio source to AUX input through the press of a button. 

Users can now also group or ungroup speakers easily, with the possibility to set the speakers to play stereo, or through the left or right audio channel. The driver also gives owners separate volume sliders to control the volume of a single speaker or a group of speakers.

All standard audio commands are also supported such as, PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, etc. 

In addition, the new driver has multilanguage support with 27 languages included. The VD can use Home Center 2’s selected language or the user can select another available language and the VD will automatically be translated to the selected language. 

It also features an easy setup for VD icons with Icon Preview VD that can be downloaded from Fibaro’s International forum download section.

Currently, the Fibaro driver does not support browsing of music services as the Lithe app does, but this is something the company has said it is actively developing and will be rolled out in the next major update of the driver. 

Lithe Audio Remote VD can be downloaded now from the Fibaro Marketplace.  

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