New Triad Distributed Audio Series loudspeakers introduced from Control4

Control4 has announced new Triad Distributed Audio Series multiroom audio loudspeakers. This consists of 14 new models, designed to offer installation flexibility with high quality audio performance and imaging to satisfy a wide spectrum of consumers, from the discerning audio enthusiast to the casual listener.

The 14 model Series has been configured and engineered with builders, contractor and homeowners in mind. The speakers feature pivoting tweeters and come in a range of sizes. There are also in-wall and in-ceiling installation configurations to suit different needs. 

All models come with a white, round, low-profile grille. Replacement square and round grilles are available for purchase from Control4 and can be custom paint-matched to blend seamlessly into interior décor. 

To make installation faster and simpler, the Distributed Audio Series tweeter bridge doubles as a handle, and the mounting screw system is designed to significantly reduce installation times. 

Triad Distributed Audio Series 3 TS-IC83DT

The Distributed Audio Series 1 is aimed at homeowners with a lower budget but still want a whole-home audio solution for new constructions or finished living areas. The Series 1 offers two high-quality, multiroom audio speaker solutions, ideally used for background music. The speakers are available as an in-ceiling (TS-IC61) or in-wall (TS-IW61) model, and utilise polypropylene woofers and ¾-in aimable cloth dome tweeters that offer long life and installation flexibility. 

Also available as in-ceiling and in-wall models, the Distributed Audio Series 2 are acoustically-refined speakers that can fill the entire home with music. They are built around reinforced poly-mica woofers, Distributed Audio Series 2 speakers offer superior bass and aimable Teteron dome tweeters deliver a full, natural sound. 

The Series consists of four in-ceiling models (TS-IC52, TS-IC62, TS-IC82, and TS-IC82DT) and two in-wall models (TS-IW62 and TS-IW82). They are all voice-matched which allows homeowners to mix and match speaker configurations throughout the home while giving identical tonal qualities from room to room. The TS-IC82DT model incorporates dual tweeters for projects needed stereo sound in a small space.

Finally, the Distributed Audio Series 3 is top of this new range. The Series 3 in-ceiling speaker are designed for homeowners wanting exceptional sound in every room. Again, this Series contains four in-ceiling models (TS-IC53, TS-IC63, TS-IC83, and TS-IC83DT – with dual tweeters) and two in-wall speakers (TS-IW63 and TS-IW83) and they all include one-in aimable silk dome tweeters for smooth, high-frequency sounds. They also have carbon-fibre woofers to provide durability and deep bass. 

Triad Distributed Audio Series 3 TS-IW83

The in-wall models in Series 3 also come equipped with an integrated back box for superior sound isolation. All Distributed Audio Series 3 models are voice-matched so homeowners can choose the right size and quantity of speakers for each room while maintaining identical tone quality throughout the home. 

The Triad Distributed Audio Series speakers are available now from Control4 and Triad dealers.

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