Oppo 4K Blu-ray players will still get Dolby

Oppo Blu-ray players may be still be about to join the ‘dearly departed’ realm of AV products, but the manufacturer is sticking to its word when it comes to bringing out a Dolby Vision update.

OPPO’s exit from the market may not completely spell doom for physical media, but many were understandably saddened to hear about the manufacturer’s demise after it announced it would be ceasing to make its hi-fi and Blu-ray player products back in April.

Whilst Oppo is expected to shut up shop this summer and stop making industry favourites like its UDP-203 and UDP-205 players, it affirms it will stay true to its promise to ensure products not only get their next firmware update (to be taken over by a third-party company in the long term) but get the Dolby Vision update which as long eluded users.

Update 60-0601B is expected to arrive in the next day, bringing with it support for Dolby to the Oppo 203 and 205, according to information received by Forbes.

So although Oppo may be departing us, at least it leaves behind the experience enjoying a Dolby Vision HDR quality 4K Blu-ray discs on Vision-compatible TVs for movie-lovers everywhere.

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