Oppo adds MQA support to UDP-205

Think Oppo’s flagship 4K Blu-ray player couldn’t pack in more? Think again. The manufacturer has just launched a firmware update that brings MQA coding to its much-lauded UDP-205 model.

Now when a user navigates through music files using the UDP-205’s Music app, the player will be able to identify and decode files encoded with MQA, allowing owners to benefit from the full resolution of the format's studio-quality sound.

“This is just the start of our cooperation,” commented Bob Staurt, MQA Founder & CTO. “We’re looking forward to enabling more features on more models across the Oppo range in the future.”

Oppo plans to add to its MQA support, with MQA-CD compatibility and MQA decoding for the USB DAC and coaxial/optical inputs.

“We are thrilled to work with MQA to incorporate MQA decoding into the player. Our audiophile customers will enjoy the lifelike and engaging listening experience with the studio master sound quality provided by MQA,” added Oppo Digital’s CTO, Jason Liao.

The UDP-205 player incorporates two ES9038PRO DACs, as well as providing a dedicated RCA/XLR output for stereo, coaxial and an optical digital audio input. The HDMI audio output port features a clock jitter reduction circuit and a USB DAC.

Oppo UDP-205 owners can update their players directly using the online firmware update feature when the player is online or via the manufacturer’s website.

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