Philips branches into outdoor lighting

It was no secret that Philips were planning on illuminating the spaces outside of the home, but the range is finally here (although primarily in the US for now).

Hoping to capitalise on the mainstream appeal it has achieved with its Hue lighting range to date, Philips has officially launched an outdoor product line that works just as its offerings for in the home do.

The newly developed lights are designed to be weatherproof but also bring a touch of ambiance and added security to owner’s outdoor areas, making them very much a step up from just using an indoor light in a waterproof fitting in your garden or patio space.

As well as garden areas, Philips is pitching the ‘White’ line as ideal to position near doors for illuminating entrances for welcoming people.

The manufacturer has introduced outdoor models in both the white and white and colour ambiance options. This will incorporate the Lucca, Tuar, Turaco and Ludere models, but adds that these are US only for now.

There's also the Lily, a wall-mountable spotlight and Calla, a pedestal lamp that's ideal for placing along a path or in flower beds. Users can adjust colour and dimming Philips Hue app (with a mere 16 million different colours to choose from), or use their voice like with indoor options. This includes ‘Home & Away’ functionality allowing owners to set for lights to come on at a specific time or automatically as you return home (via the GPS on a smartphone).

The full range will be available in the US from July onwards, whilst the Lily and Calla lights will be available in Europe and the US for $299/$280 and €140/$130 respectively. The Hue White lamps will come in at only $50.

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