Philips launches first Roku TVs

Philips has announced the release of its first TVs with Roku built in, offering streaming and OTA capabilities.

If Philips’ Roku TVs seems familiar, it’s because they are. The manufacturer’s much-anticipated TVs are essentially its entry-level 4000 series models with the added benefit of Roku. Of course, pre-Roku Philips was all about NetTV platform (in addition to integrated Chromecast) with a number of its TVs, but considering the rising popularity of Roku, many will see this as an upgrade.

Among the newly introduced models is a 40-in (retailing at US $349) available to buy now, a 43-in (retailing at US $379) with no set delivery schedule, and a 50-in TV (retailing at $429) that will be released in January.

The 400 series TVs still offer the trusty combination of 1080p LED displays, WiFi, surround sound, three HDMI ports, and a 120Hz refresh rate across the board, in addition to the new software.

Philips states that its Roku TVs offer over 500,000 movies and TV shows across more than 5,000 streaming channels. You can watch local antenna broadcasts from seven days in the past up to 14 days in the future too.

Through Roku OS 8’s smart guide users can both see OTA broadcast alongside streaming content.

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