Pro Audio Technology debuts full range surround loudspeakers

Pro Audio Technology has unveiled its SR-28212ai loudspeakers, a full range surround loudspeaker that serves as surround and main subwoofers.

The SR-28212ai includes a single six-in deep enclosure, with a 1.7-in polymer compression tweeter and two high-output eight-in midrange drivers. Two 12-in, 2000W woofers are also included, with the loudspeaker’s features allowing for use as full-range loudspeaker for LCR or surround applications, an LFE (main) subwoofer and a subwoofer for surround and Atmos speaker bass management.

The loudspeaker can be configured with a straight-firing axi-symmetric or 40-degree asymmetric waveguides, aiming the sound at a 40-degree angle to the loudspeaker’s main axis for ‘aimed’ sound.

130dB of output is provided, with a low frequency section of 102dB sensitivity, with mid frequency of 106dB and high frequency of 108dB.

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