Rako launches new ELAN driver

Smart lighting controls company, Rako has released a new driver for ELAN to provide two-way control and feedback over devices connected via the RK-Hub or the WK-Hub.

For faster installs, the new driver automatically discovers Rako Hubs and has DHCP support, meaning that if the IP address changes, the driver will automatically discover it. 

It will also automatically import keypads based on the room type along with the feedback on how many scenes are available per room, as well as off and fade up and down buttons. Dimmable channels, switch channels, RGB lighting and colour temperature lighting information will also all be automatically imported.

Control and feedback for scenes, channels, RGB lighting and colour temperature lighting will also be supported on the new ELAN driver. 

Rako’s ELAN driver is designed for IP control over the RK-Hub and WK-Hub and requires the latest firmware installed to be compatible with the driver.