Artnovion launches flow acoustic panels

Artnovion has introduced its latest ‘flow’ acoustic panels, designed to combine modern design with quality acoustic performance.

The flow panels are hybrids that combine an acoustic core with what Artnovion bill as a “carefully calibrated diffuser” – a dual functionality intended to solve excessive reverberation and uneven sound fields.

The panels’ acoustic cores are created by interweaving acoustic foam with Helmholtz resonators over a sealed air cavity. The products’ parallel slats are designed to break-up incoming waves with a uniform reflection pattern to make homogenous sound fields.

Notably manufactured with a strong emphasis on design and complementing modern spaces, the flow panels’ parametric form produces a pattern that appears to flow along walls, and is unique to the market according to Artnovion.

The panels are made from a variety of solid woods, and are available in a number of different colours.

Artnovion notes that its design approach is to create “as little waste material as possible” to ensure minimal environmental impact.

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