Ring pits its wits against Nest with security system

With an abundance of entry-level products pitched as ‘DIY’ hitting the market right now, it can be hard to keep up. One of the latest sees video doorbell specialist Ring branch out into offering a full home security system.

Ring has introduced Ring Protect, security system bringing all of the manufacturer’s functionalities into one offering for users looking for a DIY install.

Incorporating ZigBee, Z-Wave, Bluetooth, WiFi support, prices for the system start at $199 for a base station, keypad and contact sensor (window or door), a motion detector and range extender.

The system is designed to work with existing Ring video doorbells and security cameras.

With monitoring, 24-hr cellular backup cloud storage priced as low as $10 (or $100 per year) for an unlimited number of devices, Ring’s package comes in considerably cheaper than the likes of ADT and Nest. In fact, you could monitor 10 doors and five rooms for the price of getting the basics with Nest’s system. Yet with Ring’s somewhat sketchy reputation for product reliability, there are certainly pros and cons for consumers to consider before going down this particular DIY route for what is a fairly basic product at the moment.

Ring’s CEO and founder Jamie Siminoff promised the system will be expanded in the near future, yet further details on updates have not yet been revealed. Siminoff actually boldly called out ADT for “blasting customers with high prices” and being “marketing companies, not true technology companies” in a recent interview with The Verge.

The Ring Protect system is available for pre-orders in the US now, joining the likes of Nest’s new Nest Secure security system and ADT and Samsung's two new offerings in an increasingly busy DIY marketplace.

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