Ruark Audio unveils R5 Signature all-in-one system

Ruark Audio has unveiled a new Signature Edition of its widely acclaimed R5 all-in-one-system with a limited production run.

Subtle but incremental changes have been made to improve the R5 Signature Edition compared to the original. The most obvious change is the Piano Lacquer finish with machined alloy Rose Gold detailing, giving the player a more premium look.

Creating the piano finish was a challenging task which involved building the finish in multiple layers with hand sanding in between coats. Once the final coat is applied, the lacquer is wet sanded with a very fine grit abrasive and then hand buffed and polished to a glass-like finish.

This unconventional finish method not only give the system a more premium high-end look, but it makes it longer lasting and more hard wearing. The multiple layers of lacquer also adds rigidity to the enclosure resulting in extra sound clarity.

Although compact, the R5 produces an impressive stereo soundstage achieved through Ruark’s proprietary algorithm and digital filtering, but with further tuning for the Signature Edition, the function has been enhanced to create a cleaner soundstage with more depth and realism. The result of this is Ruark’s STEREO+ feature.

R5 Signature uses the same high fidelity Class A-B amplifier system and Ruark’s own neodymium NS+ drivers, but with revised routing of key signal paths and the use of high purity oxygen-free speaker cables for extra sound clarity.

The added and improved features on the R5 Signature are currently unique to the new device, but where appropriate, these features will be used on future Ruark models.

Available from June 2021, the R5 Signature will be priced at £1,250.

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