Russ Andrews takes super route to the ground

Russ Andrews has unveiled its most advanced audio grounding product to date, the SuperRouter.

Resulting in a far more musical performance, the SuperRouter creates highly efficient ground for hi-fi equipment that also effectively deals with the inherent RF interference in hi-fi systems.

As the ultimate grounder, the SuperRouter incorporates 40 years of experience and knowledge from the Russ Andrews R&D team in grounding and RFI. As with the company’s existing RF Router, the SuperRouter works on the basis that the best way to ground hi-fi equipment is to connect the casework to a ground point, via an RFI shunt device, to route RF noise in the circuits to the ground.

The device is comprised of high-quality audio-grade internal components and a custom-designed circuit board which optimises the RF filtering from the incoming ground signal. The carefully tuned intelligent circuitry effectively grounds the RF, dramatically reducing its effects on the audible performance of the hi-fi system.

Connecting the SuperRouter into an audio system is a simple operation of grounding the casework from each of the components. This is done using the pre-amplifier (or integrated) as the hub, to which the case of each other component is connected using grounding cables. The case of the pre or integrated amplifier is then connected to one of the input sockets on the SuperRouter and this in turn is connected to an earth rod, which is the preferred method, or to the dedicated ground terminal on one of the Russ Andrews mains wall sockets (SuperSockets, UltraSockets, or Signature Sockets). If separate power amplifiers are used, their cases are connected directly to the SuperRouter.

Constructed with low loss PTFE, the custom-designed circuit board of the SuperRouter has high stability and very low resonance properties, making it ideal as an effective conductor for RF grounding. The ABS casework incorporates the 12 black nickel-plated input binding posts and a clearly identified yellow output post for connection to the earth rod or socket.

Improving performance even further, the SuperRouter Signature Edition features a decorative solid cherry wood top plate and WBT-0710Cu gold plated pure copper binding posts for an even more effective connection to the ground.

Russ Andrews is extending this product upgrade path to users of its existing routers. Customers with an RF router or a plug-in RF Router can return it for a credit against the SuperRouter. Products under one year old will be credited at 100% of their purchase price; within two year, they will get 75% back; and for anything over two year, the credit will be 50%.

Available now, the Standard Version with nickel binding posts is £699 and the Signature Edition with WBT-0710 binding posts is £1199.

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