Screen Innovations introduces invisible ceiling mount for discreet installation of Solo

Screen Innovations (SI) has revealed a new mounting system to accommodate the lightweight and compact Solo and Solo Pro motorised screens.

The Solo Suspended Ceiling Mount System is a design-focused solution that hides technology and mounting hardware to ensure the room’s aesthetics are not spoiled. 

Ideal for use in basement cinema rooms for example, it provides an effective solution for any application where a drop ceiling or ceiling tiles are used. 

Following the latest lighting and air handling trends, the new mounting system allows SI’s smallest low-voltage motorised screen cassette to be mounted flush with the ceiling, eliminating the need for a visible flush-mount trim. 


The new system utilises a standard threaded rod to mount the brackets to the structure above. The cassette remains completely hidden from view and the screen descends into the room through a thin opening. 

Installing the Suspended Ceiling Mount System is straightforward and fast, using industry-standard hardware and tools. 

Integrators can add Fontus, a recent invention of SI, to enable full 485, two-way communication over a two-conductor wire, allowing Solo to seamlessly integrate with most major control systems from manufacturers including Creston, Lutron and AMX. If wiring is not an option, the screen can be powered by lithium rechargeable batteries for a wireless installation.