Screen Innovations updates Solo screen to introduce Solo 2

Screen Innovations (SI) is introducing Solo 2, an upgraded version of its Solo motorised screen.

The original Solo screen was said to one of the smallest cassettes ever made and it was designed to be a motorised screen solution that would fit into the design of any room, easily transported, and installed in less than five minutes by one person. 

Since its release, SI has been listening to the feedback from Solo to create the upgraded version, Solo 2. Ryan Gustafson, CEO at SI commented: “The only thing that we’ve been doing for the last year is listening. Everyone loves Solo but wanted more size, more power, reverse roll capability, serviceability, and robustness. We are delivering exactly that with Solo 2, a completely re-engineered product. And by completely re-engineered, I mean absolute simplicity.”

Solo 2’s cassette design is even more compact than the original, measuring 17 per cent smaller. The rechargeable power option has been kept in this new version as well as the existing wired low-voltage option, plus a new addition of wired AC in Solo 2 along with a slew of control connectivity options such as RTS, RS485. 

One highly requested feature from feedback is a reverse orientation, something that the Solo 2 is now capable of. It allows users to drop their screen in front of an existing flat-panel or wall-art without obstruction concerns. 

The Solo 2 comes with in a range of different material options, including Slate, SI’s popular optical (ambient light rejecting) material, and “Short Throw”, making Solo 2 has an optical material specifically suited for ultra-short throw projectors. The company has also included its highly refined white and grey materials, also rated for 8k projection. 

Solo 2 is available to pre-order now and shipping will begin on April 2, 2019. 

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