Sonos launches table-top PLAYBASE wireless speaker

Sonos has announced the launch of PLAYBASE, a wireless sound system designed to sit directly under a TV.

Available in black and white, the table-top PLAYBASE speaker from Sonos measures 50mm in height and incorporates 10 custom-designed drivers with dedicated amplifiers (six mid-range, three tweeters, and one woofer). The speaker also supports more than 80 music services.

Like PLAYBAR, PLAYBASE is designed to suit a variety of home cinema set-ups, whether under the TV (with the TV directly on top or between split let stands), sat in a shelf, or used with the specially designed Sanus swivelling TV base.

The aesthetics of the speaker feature no visible seams and incorporate a flat-top surface and an acoustically transparent grill. Constructing using an insert molding process, the speaker features a custom-designed glass-filled polycarbonate exterior ensuring vibration is kept to a minimum and it can withstand the weight of a TV.

The speaker’s set-up involves two cords (optical and power). PLAYBASE can be used with a TV remote, partner apps and the Sonos app, with features including Trueplay allowing homeowners to adjust sound to accommodate the specific requirements of a room.

Speaking on the product, Sonos CEO, Patrick Spence said; “We realised is that PLAYBAR only met the need of the small percentage of homes where people mount their televisions on the wall. He added: “We therefore saw a tremendous opportunity to deliver great sound in great style for the majority of homes where the TV sits on a piece of furniture.”

The manufacturer adds that “later this year” homeowners will be able to control PLAYBASE and other Sonos speakers using Amazon Alexa devices.

PLAYBASE will be released globally from April 4, 2017 onward.

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