Sony launches Bravia Master Series TVs

Introduced with the aim of bringing the quality of its pro-grade studio monitors to the living room, yesterday Sony unveiled its Bravia Master Series of 4K TVs, equipped with its newly developed X1 Ultimate image processor.

The starring role of the line goes to the A9F, Sony’s flagship OLED model, which scales down in quality to the Z9F, an LED model. The inclusion of the X1 Ultimate image processor on the A9F brings with it new features such as object-based HDR remastering and “super” resolution – i.e. Sony thinks people are really going to like the picture.

The Sony OLED A9F will be available in 55-in and 65-in models and feature the manufacturer’s “Acoustic Surface Audio+” technology, its latest take on its widely reported on screen-that’s-also-a-speaker (Acoustic Surface) technology.

The LED Z9F naturally has slightly less impressive specs, but will incorporate Sony's X-Wide Angle Technology (for quality viewing from different parts of the room) and X-Motion Clarity post-processing technology, designed to ensure optimum image quality. The Z9F will be available in 65 and 75-in models.

This latest iteration of Sony's Acoustic Surface technology sees the addition of a centre actuator and an extra subwoofer channel behind the screen (in addition to the existing left, right and sub channels) to create a 3.2 speaker-esque setup. Others may of course may want to pair with speakers and use the A9F's built-in sound as a centre channel.

Sony has collaborated with Netflix in conjunction with the launch to draw attention to the streaming service’s new ‘Calibrated Mode,’ designed to make sure viewers are watching TV in the most suitable setting (when it comes to colour, contrast and clarity) for the best viewing experience. The tuning feature, which Netflix modestly claim offers "studio-quality picture mastering" will launch with the TVs with their release.

Sony will start rolling out its Bravia Master Series TV range this autumn, with no details on pricing (and crucially, how they will match up to LG’s latest OLED offerings) available at the moment – and unfortunately, the rather awkward stand still comes with these latest Bravia TVs.

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