Thinka steps up smart home offering with Thinka KNX PRO

Smart home and IoT company, Thinka, has launched the Thinka KNX PRO, a HomeKit for KNX Bridge with a built-in IP gateway and secure remote access to the local Thinka and KNX system.

The launch comes following the success of its first product in 2016: the Thinka HomeKit for KNX – Bridge, which connects KNX building and home automation systems with Apple HomeKit and other home automation platforms.

Marking the importance of secure remote access for integrators to be able to access the system fast and easily to make amendments, upgrades or fix any issues, the new Thinka KNX PRO feature a built-in KNX IP gateway.

With other systems, some integrators leave the IP gateway in place, which is needed for first time setup and configuration, to provide ‘backdoor’ entry. “This backdoor often undermines the security of the otherwise very secure KNX system,” said Michael Franken, founder and CEO of Thinka.

The built-in KNX IP gateway on the Thinka KNX PRO provides a safe entrance over VPN for secure remote access, offering the convenience of remote access without compromising security and privacy standards.

Homeowners can control their home using their iPhone/iPad’s integrated Home App as the KNX Control & Visualisation medium. This allows users to access all advance home automation functionalities HomeKit has to offer, such as scene setting, family sharing, geofencing, adaptive lighting, and voice control.

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