TP Vision to launch DTS Play-Fi based Philips AV products

TP Vision has revealed it will be introducing new wireless and multiroom TV and audio products from Philips using DTS Play-Fi.

The new products will use the DTS Play-Fi wireless audio ecosystem for multiroom music and TV audio, as well as having the option of app-based private listening supporting high resolution audio streaming and playback accuracy. 

All compatible products, including TVs, mobile devices, soundbars, and speakers seamlessly interoperate to form a complete whole-home entertainment experience. 

A recent announcement from TP Vision revealed that the new Philips OLED805series would be the first model from a premium TV brand to include DTS Play-Fi. 

This will now start to be extended by including DTS Play-Fi in all 2020 Philips Android TVs followed by an over-the-air firmware update to all 2019 Philips Android TVs, which is due in the second half of this year, creating a complete wireless connectivity platform through DTS Play-Fi.

In September 2020, TP vision also plans to release a new range of DTS Play-Fi equipped Philips soundbars and wireless speakers, offering consumers the option to have a complete, easy-to-use, seamlessly connected Philips streaming audio system for their whole-home entertainment.