Vantage Controls Releases New Universal Dimming Module

Vantage has released the InFusion Universal Dimming Module (UDM08-EM), which is capable of seamlessly controlling multiple lighting sources of any source type, including LEDs.

The InFusion Universal Dimming Module is an integral component to Vantage’s centralized lighting control system. It can be mounted in a main or secondary power enclosure and supports control of up to eight dimmable, forward or reverse phase type loads with up to 32 AMPs total per module. Now, system specifiers and owners can select from a range of lighting types, independent of load type, and Vantage system installers can easily deliver the level of dimming required.

The InFusion Universal Dimming Module also features a variety of other enhancements for both installers and end-users, including:
•          Auto-load detection
•          Plug-and-play design, eliminating the need for field wiring directly to the module
•          Field upgradeable firmware
•          UL, CUL, and CE listed

Vantage’s wireless and wired systems are backed by Design Center software. Design Center version 3.6, also releasing now, features new hardware support for the InFusion Universal Dimming Module and a new RadioLink wireless keypad. Design Center 3.6 also includes improved reporting that features a new look, enhanced bill of materials and load schedules, plus dynamic filtering, sorting, and grouping.

Vantage Controls

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