Vicoustic kit improves acoustics of Hi-Fi listening rooms

The new VicAudiophile VMT Kit from Vicoustic is an upgradeable acoustic kit of sound absorption and diffusion solutions designed to greatly enhance the acoustic conditions of a hi-fi system’s room without compromising the health or comfort of the user.

The final result depends on how many kits are used in the room and the configuration.

Room acoustics are very important to a listening room, as no matter how efficient the hi-fi system is, users will end up hearing more energy coming from the room than from the loudspeakers if the room is not properly treated.

The VicAudiophile VMT Kit is made up of four Flat Panel VMT with VicSpacer Plus for enhanced absorption performance, and for sound diffusion, four units of VicPattern Ultra Wavewood and two units of Multifuser Wood MKII 64. The kit comes in three different finishes: Natural Oak, Brown Oak, and White Matte, as well as exclusive VMT colours, Sage Green and Natural Linen.

Improving acoustics isn’t a one-size-fits-all, one-buy solution; the process can often require several kits and can be done all at once in different stages. It also depends on the homeowner’s budget, available space and what they want to achieve in their room.

An example given by Vicoustic is that the customer can start with one kit to treat first reflections from side and front walls, and then move onto a second kit to improve ceiling treatment, and then fully treat the room including back walls in a third step.

The kits are not permanent, allowing homeowners to change the configuration of their room at any time. Thanks to the VicFix J Profile fixation system, customers can alternate sound absorbing and sound diffusion panels depending on their preferences or the style of music they are listening to. Using VicFix Corner, customers can also add VicSpace Plus Flat Panel VMT and VicPattern Ultra as bass trap in the corners.

The VMT and Ultra lines available on this kit are a sustainable solutions alternative to standard absorbing foams. The ranges were developed with sustainability, health and safety in mind to ensure the air quality is not affected, there is no fire risk and it is also made of recycled materials – VMT is made of VicPET Wool, produced mostly from recycled plastic.

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