Wharfdale releases the DX-3 mini speaker

The new DX-3 from Wharfedale is a versatile mini speaker available as a stereo pair or as a surround sound package for multichannel home cinema systems.

Each DX-3 speaker measures 19x12x12.2cm with a closed-box design.

The DX-3’s mid/bass driver incorporates a 75mm cone made from a woven polypropylene matrix. This driver combines with a 19mm silk dome treble unit with an additional panel fixed to the cabinet enclosure strengthens the front baffle and braces the cabinet.

The DX-3 Centre speaker that comes as part of the DX-3 HCP measures 12x31x12.2cm and, like the main DX-3 speaker, it can be placed on a shelf or mounted on a wall. It benefits from the same cabinet, driver and crossover enhancements and incorporates the same 19mm silk dome tweeter flanked by two identical 75mm mid/bass drivers. These combine with an aperiodic bass loading system consisting of a vent filled with resistive porous foam to control airflow, contributing to a rich, detailed and dynamic centre channel performance. Matching DX-3 Subwoofer combines a 200mm long-throw woven polypropylene bass cone with a 70W amplifier to deliver bass from a compact unit. It includes an ‘auto-power’ facility, automatically going into standby when not in use and switching itself on when a signal is detected.

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