WyreStorm expands AV over IP line with 600 Series

WyreStorm has announced the release of its flagship NetworkHD AV over IP range, bringing “lossless” 4K/60 4:4:4 with HDR over 10GbE SDVoE to residential and commercial environments.

WyreStorm’s newly developed multi-platform NetworkHD offerings add to its low bandwidth NetworkHD 100 Series HD over 1GbE using H.264 and video wall and multiview-supporting 200 Series, and the low latency 400 Series 4K HDR over 1GbE with JPEG2000 – which both feature the free NetworkHD Touch iPad control app.

“The 600 Series brings the best picture quality and the lowest latency to the market. With support for 4K/60 with HDR and SDVoE-powering a 10GbE network to eliminate compression artifacts, the quality is highest available,” commented WyreStorm’s director of technology, David Silberstein.

He adds: “Full compatibility with the latest consumer source and display devices, multichannel audio, and in-built 4K/2K scaling means discerning homeowners can now also have the highest picture and audio quality in every room.”

The standardised hardware/software platform of SDVoE provides the firepower for the 600 Series. The scalable delivery of “zero” latency switching of 4K/60Hz and HDR using RGB or YUV, along with audio, control, scaling, processing, encoding, and encryption, over 10Gb IP network.

4K video is supported up to 4096x2160 60Hz at 4:4:4 8bit or 4:2:2 12bit HDR-10 over both HDMI and DisplayPort, with Dolby Vision to be supported by the end of the year.

Fully HDCP v2.2 compliant, 600 Series encoders and decoders feature auto-switch or software selectable input ports, with EDID capture and assign.  Plethora Engine video scaling, re-timing and colour space conversion, in addition to powerful routing enabling stream breakaway for video, as well as audio and control.

In addition to multichannel audio support, the 600 also features true breakaway for audio in any zone, while also removing concurrent multichannel and stereo issues.

HDMI audio is supported up to any known format (Genlock), as is multichannel audio up to Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and Dolby/DTS High Definition codecs for breakaway/routing.  The 600 also supports audio embedding and de-embedding on encoder and decoder with DAC/ADC functionality, 8ch PCM audio downmix, and the creation of independent audio distribution via analog ports.

When it comes to control, both 600 Series encoders and decoders feature integrated 1GbE pass-through linked to the main switch, with bidirectional, fully routable RS-232 UART and bidirectional RS-232 interface with API/driver. IR input on encoders and decoders are also fully routable, with IR output generation and IR input forwarding to the API set to be supported in a Q2/Q3 2018 firmware update.

Furthermore, the firmware update will also see support for video walls up to 5x5, with bezel compensation and independent audio routing, and powerful multiview functionality, supporting up 32 input streams, available in arbitrary layouts and able to be rescaled, resized, offset and multiplied.

In terms of supported switches, almost any Layer 2+ or Layer 3 managed switch can be used with NetworkHD 600 Series for single switch deployments.  And for handling trickier multicast traffic, WyreStorm have created specific guides for supported switch brands, listing specific ranges, models and firmware versions required for a successful installation.  Netgear ProSAFE, M and XSM Series and Ruckus ICX 7700 Series switches are supported on release, with Cisco, Niveo and multiple switch configurations targeted for support shortly thereafter.

WyreStorm’sNetworkHD 600 Series encoders and decoders are available now, with the dedicated NHD-000-RACK 7U 8-slot rack mount to follow this month.

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