Xiaomi takes hidden tech a step further with transparent TV

As part of its 10-year anniversary launch event, Chinese manufacturer, Xiaomi, has unveiled the word’s first mass-produced transparent TV.

The Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is a 55-in, edge-to-edge transparent self-luminous OLED display that is just 5.7mm thick, which uses cutting-edge technology to make it seem like the pictures are floating in the air, merging the virtual and real visual experiences, according to Xiaomi. 

The transparent TV is not a new concept; the likes of Samsung, LG and Panasonic have previously released transparent and even flexible displays, but Xiaomi claim the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition is the first to be mass-produced. 

Unlike traditional TVs that come with a back panel, the Mi TV LUX Transparent Edition houses its processing units in the base stand, bringing with it numerous technical challenges that Xiaomi had to overcome. The 5.7mm ultra-thin rectangular screen sits on its round base stand and is designed to fit into multiple environments such as homes, galleries, museums, shopping centres and theatres. 

The company has reported that the 55-in OLED glass panel “features a 150000:1 static contrast ratio and an infinite dynamic contrast ratio,” as well as “DCI-P3 93% colour spectrum support” with the “10-bit panel displaying 1.07bn colour combinations”.

Ideal for fast-action movies and gaming, it also has a 120Hz refresh rate and 120Hz MEMC technology, and a 1ms fast response rate. 

The AI Master Smart Engine and MediaTek 9650 custom-made TV chip has over 20 optimisation algorithms and dedicated optimisation for five use scenarios, allowing the device to intelligently refine graphic resolution to create vibrant pictures. 

As well as having Dolby Atmos support, the display uses AI Master for Audio, allowing the device to detect the type of content being played and select an audio mode to match. 

Priced at 49,999 Chinese Yuan (about £5,500), sales of the transparent TV start on 16 August. 

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