AR-powered brain computer allows speech & home interaction

A leap forward in assistive technology, the Cognixion ONE headset, which is due to be launched later this year, is a brain computer interface with augmented reality wearable speech generating device for those with complex disabilities.

Described as “a wearable window to the world”, the device offers both speech and an integrated AI assistant for home automation control and other applications.

Cognixion ONE was designed by neurologists and biosignal engineers in collaboration with Speech-Language pathologists and a large group of users and professionals to meet the needs of people with complex communication disorders.

According to the company, “almost anyone who has been reliant on switch or eye control access is an immediate candidate for Cognixion ONE, as well as many other conditions for which there was previously no-good access method, such as Locked-In Syndrome or hyperkinetic conditions causing too much movement for reliable eye tracking.”

It uses six occipital-placed non-invasive dry passive electrodes, two auxiliary channels, plus ground and reference channels. The electrodes can be replaced as and when required and the headset and electrodes are easily adjustable for the best fit.

The headset is completely wireless and allows users to move freely while wearing it. The glass lens allows the user to see their surroundings clearly and other people can also see the user. The lens is also a display so that when using the speech generating software, the text can be displayed on the mirrored lens for other people to read. This is particularly useful in loud environments or when a private conversation is taking place which also allows users to disable the sound.

Using a direct integration with a popular AI assistant (yet to be announced), the user has access to home automation functions, music, games, and more. Using a 4G cellular connection, the user is always directly linked to the AI assistant and other cloud services.

Featuring three context-aware predictive keyboards and a patent-pending radial sentence builder tool, users can easily communicate with others. It also has multiple access options depending on the person’s abilities and preferences: head pointing, Brain-Computer Interface, or switch access.

A companion app is also included for system configuration as well as remote neural monitoring. The headset can be recharged using the USB-C charging port.

Image: Cognixion ONE