Crestron unveils new home audio range with Origin Acoustics

Crestron Electronics has partnered with Origin Acoustics to develop a new line of in-wall, in-ceiling, and landscape speakers, designed to handle the high-performance audio output of Crestron’s DM NAX Audio-over-IP amplifier, which has also been introduced.

Separated into two distinct performance tiers, Crestron’s new line of speakers made by Origin Acoustics fall within Reference or Ultimate. The baseline-level Reference tier includes in-ceiling, in-wall and landscape models and feature Origin’s patented silk tweeters to deliver smooth sound. It also features glass fibre drivers designed to produce very low distortion.

Designed for more luxury applications, the Upper tier features in-ceiling, in-wall, landscape, as well as marine-grade models. Designed to offer users the best possible performance, the line features carbon-fibre components and ceramic-coated aluminium tweeter that optimise sound accuracy.

Crestron Residential Speakers are built with premium components to support the high output and resolution capacity of the DM NAX amplifier. Each speaker model is designed to fit into various décor styles without sacrificing audio quality.

Announced alongside the new speaker line, Crestron’s DM NAX matric/amplifier line is designed to fill a gap in the market for an audio solution to fully integrate into a smart home platform while providing both high-resolution and high-output audio. The new line connects with most popular streaming services for native music streaming.

Integrating with Crestron Home allows homeowners to have full visibility and full control of their whole home audio from mobile devices, touchscreens, remotes, keypads, and voice-activated devices.

Crestron Residential Speakers made by Origin Acoustics will ship in April, while the Crestron DM NAX line will ship early June.

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