Homey gets an upgrade to give easier access to home automation

Athom has released the Homey v2.0, a free update for all Homey devices, and adds Homey (Early 2019) and Homey Pro to the product line.

Homey, a device to connect different brands of devices around the home, started shipping three years ago in most countries around the world and, since that time, has received many free updates. 

Now, all Homeys will receive a free upgrade to Homey v2.0, the biggest update yet. Previously only available on a desktop, the update will give users the chance to experience Homey wherever they are, controlling their home through the new Homey app available on iOS and Android. 

The upgrade supports over 50,000 devices across over 1,000 brands, bringing the ability to automate the home on a smartphone via the new app. 

The intuitive homescreen of the app shows the family’s Home/Away status, a list of favourite devices, favourite Flows (rules created by the user for individual devices), and a timeline of things that have happened while the user was away. 

It also has the added benefit of detecting when the user is home and is able to act accordingly, turning on the light in the hallway for example. 

Athom is also announcing Homey Pro, a faster Homey with a 1 GHz Dual Core CPU and 1 GB of RAM, giving owners enough space to install twice the amount of apps. Available now for pre-order, the Homey Pro will begin shipping in February and is available for  now for pre-order, the Homey Pro will begin shipping in February and is available for €399.

Homey (Early 2019), also just announced, is the next generation of Homey and is shipping to customers now. Together with the new Homey v2.0 software, this is the best Homey for everyday use. 

The main difference made to the Homey (Early 2019) and the Homey Pro is a hardware update and the removal of NFC and the microphones. Athom decided to remove these features as they were rarely used and the never met very high quality standards. 

Homey (Early 2019) is available now in the Homey Store and through selected distributors. 

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