Kozee introduces wireless & battery-free light switches

Kozee, a UK startup, has launched a new range of wireless and battery-free light switches utilising energy harvesting technology.

Manufactured in the UK, the latch-style switch controls lighting in a single room with the connectivity required to be a stepping stone to home automation with Alexa and Google Home.

Halving the install cost compared to a standard wired switch, Kozee’s wireless switches are cost-effective and quick and easy to install into a new build home or as a retrofit for existing homes. Supplied with a receiver, the installer simply connects the receiver to the ceiling rose and sticks the switch in a convenient location for the user to operate. The switch can be moved safely by the homeowner at any time and placed on the wall, on furniture, a table, etc.

Each receiver can control up to 120W of lighting and has two separately switchable channels. Users can pair multiple switches with one receiver to allow lighting control in different areas of the room. The switches are available as a single-gang (BT-UK01) with a two-gang version specifically for the UK market currently in development. Also being developed is a pluggable receiver and a six-channel receiver.

Homeowners have the option of buying the switch which operates just on Bluetooth only (BT-KT07) or the switch that works over Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (BT-KT08). Bluetooth is sufficient where customers only require light switching control. Using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi together allows the switch to communicate with Alexa and Google and also provides customers with access to their lighting when away from the home. The Wi-Fi version of the receiver also acts as a hub for the entire Kozee Smart Home range providing safety monitoring and control of the home environment. This version also allows the user control of their lighting from anywhere with an internet connection via the Kozee App.

With the switch and receiver pair, Kozee has also introduced a range of accessories, including sensors that are compatible with the receivers and app. These include a water sensor that can be placed under any appliance or pipe to provide an early indication of leaks.

There is also a ceiling-mounted PIR sensor available for detecting movement and a multi-sensor that can measure temperature, humidity, illumination and acceleration / orientation.


Based on EnOcean energy harvesting technology, the action of pressing the switch creates sufficient energy for a control pulse to be sent via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) to the paired receiver, actuating the lights. The PIR and multi-sensor are powered by the ambient light in the environment but can operate autonomously without light for up to four days.

The water sensor is the only Kozee product that is powered by a battery allowing it to be installed in locations with little or no available light. 

Water sensor

“The guiding principle for our design was that Kozee switches should be simple enough for my mother to use – a vision that we have fully achieved,” said Ian Brown, sales and marketing director of Kozee. “At the same time, we recognised the needs of advanced users and the Wi-Fi version can be integrated with popular smart home technologies.

“Kozee switches are a win-win for installers and homeowners alike. Installers adopting Kozee achieve a substantial competitive advantage over those staying with wired switch technology. They will deliver a much neater and quicker job, potentially combining lower cost to the customer with higher margins due to the rapid install. Homeowners are offered flexibility, controllability and most of all, they aren’t faced with redecorating the room following the installation or the need to worry about replacing the batteries.”