McIntosh introduces MB25 Bluetooth transceiver

Designed to elevate listening experiences while keeping the convenience of Bluetooth streaming, McIntosh Laboratory has launched its MB25 Bluetooth transceiver.

The new transceiver allows audio enthusiasts to seamlessly integrate Bluetooth streaming capabilities into virtually any high-end home audio system from any era, whether it includes McIntosh products or not, without compromising sound quality.

With the ability to function as either a transceiver or transmitter, the MB25 is compatible not only with Bluetooth streaming devices, but also physical media sources such as CDs and vinyl records. This allows audiophiles to use the MB25 whether their current setup includes a vintage analogue stereo or a new digital system.

Designed as a compact, standalone unit with a relatively small footprint, the MB25 requires no third-party apps for operation. It features Class 1 Bluetooth technology, delivering connectivity with audio equipment lacking Bluetooth compatibility.

The MB25 delivers optimal performance for both transmitting and receiving audio signals thanks to its transmission range of up to 150 feet (45.7 metres), enhanced by an external antenna.

As the successor to the MB20, the MB25 retains all MB20’s features while introducing enhancements for an elevated user experience, including an illuminated front glass panel that provides insights into audio signal rates and connection types. It has also added flexibility to select the desired input in transmit mode, giving users greater control over their audio experience. The MB25 has upgraded power control, enabling it to be easily turned on and off with the rest of the McIntosh audio system.

The new MB25 Bluetooth transceiver will be available in July with an SRP of £850.

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