MSE Audio launches three SolidDrive models for sound masking and background music

MSE Audio has introduced three new models of SolidDrive surface-mount actuators with 70V transformers: the drywall (SD1-T), wood (SD1-sm-T), and glass (SD1G-T), each designed for one channel of audio.

SolidDrive’s patent-pending dual-voice coil technology is housed in an aluminium enclosure to transfer the acoustic energy to virtually any substrate. Using high-powered neodymium magnets and dual symmetrically opposed motors, SolidDrive converts audio signals into vibrations that transfer into solid surfaces through direct contact. This results in high-quality, full-range sound that radiates from the entire surface with a frequency response of 70 Hz to 15 Hz.

The symmetrically opposed neodymium magnets and specifically engineered mounting hardware provide hidden planar-source acoustics and uniformity throughout the listening space.

“With the new transformer versions of SolidDrive, we’ve added another deployment option for our integrators,” said Michael Sipe, vice president of sales. “This makes installation of the SolidDrive actuator easier.

“Integrators are using these with noise generators for sound masking applications in homes and offices, and for background music in both residential and commercial applications. The SD1 line fulfils our mission to manufacture high-quality products that are installation friendly. We offer direct access to our engineers for design and layout help and award-winning customer service.”

All models are now shipping globally.

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