Naim introduces 300 Series

Naim will host a 300 Series event to highlight Naim's newest high-end audio products.

The 300 Series includes Niam’s first monoblock power amps, the NAP350. The NSS333 Streamer ensures access to your digital music library, while the NAC332 Pre Amp serves as the central hub of your audio setup, controlling and fine-tuning audio signals. The 300 Series will focus on compatibility, Niam equipment has previously been exclusive to its own ecosystem but will now connect with a wide range of audio.

The 300 Series event will take place in Marins Hi-Fi, England on November 30. Jason Gould and Gareth Thomas from Naim will guide visitors through the intricacies of the 300 Series, providing insights into the design and engineering of the products.

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