New Cync Smart Hexagon Panels available from GE Lighting

GE Lighting, a Savant company, announced that its new Cync Dynamic Effects Smart Hexagon Panels, with in-app control, are now available.

These panels were originally announced in January at CES. Each panel includes six individual segments with directional control for music and light shows, which allows users to save and activate manually via the Cync App, or via voice control.

There are millions of colour options to suit the gaming, home entertainment or recreational space. The Cync Smart Hexagon Panels also include new light and music show presets which are enhanced with the Cync app's colour wheel and TrueImage technology. The Cync app includes layout templates and the ability to create designs directly to preview before they are displayed on the panels.

Kara Perdue, vice president of product management at GE Lighting, said: “We’re excited to add smart hexagon panels to our Cync Dynamic Effects family of colourful smart products that already includes A19 and BR30 bulbs, indoor and outdoor light strips, and the neon-shape light. Consumers will enjoy the ability to integrate these products together and control them easily to create the best possible smart lighting experience.”

This product is the latest in the Cync Dynamics Effects line and features multi-colour light shows, on-device music syncing and vivid light effects that display 16 million colours and white tones, including multiple colours simultaneously. The hexagon panels also feature segment control that  includes the ability to smooth colour transitions using multiple options in the Cync app, including fade width, colour width and colour duration.

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