Redline now shipping Velodyne MicroVee X

UK distributor, Redline has announced it is now shipping the new MicroVee X subwoofer from Velodyne, improving on some of the features from its predecessors, MicroVee MKI and MicroVee MKII.

MicroVee is known for having powerful sound but from a small cabinet size; the original MicroVee measured just 22.9 x 22.9 x 24.4cm. The new MicroVee X is very similar with its dimensions, measuring 23 x 23 x 25cm, delivering the same space saving and placement flexibility as its predecessors. Despite its size, this subwoofer is more powerful and can partner with larger sound systems in bigger spaces too.

The new subwoofer benefits from additions such as Carbon Kevlar drive units as well as its own dedicated remote control functionality providing direct access to volume, phase and crossover adjustments.

Exclusive Velodyne technologies featured in the MicroVee X includes the Digital Drive Control System (DDCS) partnered with a powerful, high-current, Class AB amplifier to ensure precise and low-distortion bass reproduction. Bass extension has considerably improved over the previous model while the amplifier is complete with an expertly controlled 800W of power giving the unit the precision it needs to deliver high-performance.

Reducing distortion to around 1/6th of the values of other subwoofers, the DDCS is an active signal-based approach that delivers linear cone movement, controlling the unit’s frequency and distortion characteristics.

The improvements made to the MicroVee X compared to previous models show that it can play around 15% louder across the frequency range. The 6.5” active driver is combined with two side-mounted passive radiators of the same size, producing robust, musical bass.

As well as listening to music as part of a sound system, the subwoofer is also ideal in home cinema and gaming applications. Velodyne Acoustics’ Subwoofer Direct feature is also included which gives the option to bypass the internal crossover for improved performance.

The patented Energy Recovery System is also included to increase the efficiency of the unit. This is one of the key features which allows the product to deliver such strong performance from such a small form factor.

The MicroVee X is available in white and black satin finishes. It is available now priced at £912.50 plus VAT.