Retro upgrade: Amazon introduces smart cuckoo clock concept

Through its Day 1 Editions concepts programme, Amazon has introduced its smart cuckoo clock idea to gauge consumer interest.

Working with Alexa, the cuckoo clock merges an old style of clock often found in our grandparent’s houses with modern smart technology to bring a sense of classic style to the smart home. Keeping its time, it pairs with a compatible Echo device to keep its time, and automatically adjusts to respond to daylight savings.

Designed to make alerts more fun, owners can set timers, alarms, and more using their voices and Alexa and can then watch the countdown on the LED display. Featuring an analogue face with a swinging pendulum and mechanical cuckoo, the clock operates in the same way as a retro cuckoo clock. Users can customise the sounds of chimes and alarms, which play through the 1W embedded speaker in the back of the clock.

Measuring 15.7” tall by 7.3” wide, the white and grey cuckoo clock fits nicely into home décor. The clock is battery powered but also has a USB C port as an added power option.

Amazon’s Day 1 Editions concepts programme allows the company to trial an idea before putting it to market. So far, 47% of its pre-order goal has been met since it was introduced on 17 February. The goal must be met by 19 March in order for it to become a real product with shipping expected to start between July and September this year.

Image: Amazon

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