RTI upgrades control system performance with Integration Designer 11

RTI has launched a new version of its Integration Designer control application software, significantly updating its abilities and performance to allow integrators to achieve faster, more efficient installations.

The new Integration Designer 11 adds new levels of customisation and time-saving tools as well as a new template, new icons and background libraries, custom sliders, and more to personalise residential and commercial projects.

Showcasing its new ‘Coral’ template, Integration Designer 11 features swappable backgrounds, customisable sliders and scrolling viewports across touchscreens and mobile devices, as well as new graphics and fonts, all with auto-programming to add efficiency to projects.

Behind the scenes is the integrated system manager with adaptive auto-programming intelligence, adding feedback for scenes, rooms, and automations while auto-generating new macros based on what has already been programmed in the system.

Additionally, the software’s new built-in driver store is another example of the added efficiency and time-saving, enabling integrators to find all drivers within Integration Designer 11 without having to search on a separate driver site.

“Integration Designer 11 will elevate the performance for all our integrators, whether new to RTI or a seasoned pro,” said Joe Roberts, RTI’s CEO. “With its intuitive new template, Integration Designer 11 delivers a fast and efficient start to any project while enabling powerful features and always a beautiful finish. And because we are RTI, of course Integration Designer 11 delivers the advanced customisation that lets integrators create user experience that stand out from the competition.”

RTI’s Integrated Designer is a CEDIA Hall of Fame award-winning programme, and version 11 improves on its already solid performance. The update enables integrators to personalise and customise solutions that meet every home or business owner’s unique needs.

“Integration Designer 11 delivers a beautiful result every time,” Roberts continues. “But the customised automation behind the scenes is just as important, and on this, Integration Designer stands second to none.”