Specifi debuts new tool to help partners build professional websites

Specifi has introduced WebBuilder, a new tool that empowers Specifi dealers to create professional and dynamic websites directly within the Specifi platform.

Available to Specifi subscribers from 3rd June, Specifi WebBuilder allows its partners to create a professional and affordable website that is designed to be easy to use and maintain. During the initial website setup, partners will receive comprehensive training from Specifi’s expert UX designer to make changes and navigate its AV-specific features. It will also cover website design, layout, branding, content creation and SEO optimisation. After the initial setup, all changes can be easily made by partners on the solution’s intuitive and simple builder.

Because it is the partner’s own website, WebBuilder allows partners to manage it independently, eliminating the need for ongoing maintenance fees that would normally be incurred when outsourcing the development of a site.

“Our mission from the beginning has been to create tools to help dealers present themselves with the highest level of professionalism, close more business, and improve profitability,” said Mathew Booth, managing director and founder of Specifi. “Dealers often don’t have the time, or know where to start, when developing and maintaining a website. We realised that the Specifi platform has most of the assets needed for a professional website and invested our efforts so dealers could use these assets to easily produce and maintain a fully functional website.”

Specifi WebBuilder offers customisation options to create a website that reflects each unique brand identity, including colours, fonts and all other brand standards. If a user doesn’t have their branding set, WebBuilder can help define the brand in the initial setup.

The website will ensure optimal viewing on any device and partners have the option to view how it will look on mobile, laptop or tablet before it is published.

Once launched, the website will be hosted on secure Specifi servers and fully managed from the partner’s Specifi account. Platinum support comes as standard with all Specifi subscriptions, and this is no different for WebBuilder.

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