Steinway Lyngdorf intros first Steinway & Sons soundbar at High End Munich

Steinway Lyngdorf has today unveiled the Model S Soundbar, the first Steinway & Sons soundbar, at High End Munich.

Designed to deliver powerful sound with Steinway & Sons’ signature design, the Model S Soundbar is driven by powerful digital amplifiers and features RoomPerfect technology to calibrate it for any room and placement.

The new Model S Soundbar features two powerful woofers, three Air Motion Transformer tweeters and three midrange drivers for clarity and detailed sound, all powered by four digital amplifiers with a combined 1.600 watt.

Thanks to innovative loudspeaker technology, the soundbar has a stable centre soundstage and imaging, either in pure stereo or with centre channel upmixing / multichannel downmixing in the digital Steinway & Sons processor.

Featuring Steinway & Sons’ signature design, the black front is complemented by gold-plated tweeter frames and bronze-gold lacquered sides with black strings, resembling the piano and musical instruments.

Every Model S Soundbar is assembled and finished by hand in Skive, Denmark. Customised lacquers and finishes are available on request.

As with all Steinway & Sons loudspeakers, the Model S Soundbar is part of the company’s Integrated System Approach, ensuring all parts of the system work together as one.

The new Steinway & Sons Model S Soundbar will be available at the end of Q3 2024 with prices depending on the choice of stereo or surround processor.


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