Trinnov extends warranty on flagship processor

Trinnov Audio has announced a new programme that will extend the warranty for its flagship processor Altitude32 by five years.

The new Five-Year Warranty Extension Programme includes a refurbishment of the Altitude at a Trinnov facility. 

In 2018, the company changed its warranty policy for its entire range of high-end products by extending the warranty period from three to five years. 

Two years on and the first Altitude32 processors are now out of its five-year warranty, enabling Trinnov to extend the warranty period again by another five years. The new programme is available to any owners of the Altitude32 that have had their processor for more than five years. 

The additional five-year warranty will begin on the date that the owner purchases the programme. 

The refurbishment at a Trinnov facility will involve the Altitude receiving a complete check up and refresh, as well as a full inspection and thorough testing. If necessary, internal hardware is replaced to restore the unit to new condition. 

Customers can enter the programme from 4 January 2021. 

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