UST laser TV creates 200-in 4K picture

Polaris 4K UST
The Bomaker Polaris 4K Laser TV. Image: Bomaker

Bomaker, the AV brand of Substanbo, has launched the Polaris 4K Laser TV, an ultra-short-throw projector capable of displaying a 4K image up to 200-in with Dolby Audio.

Launched on Indiegogo, the Bomaker Polaris 4K Laser TV has a 0.25:1 ultra-short-throw ratio, meaning it can project a 200-in display being just 28-in away from the wall, or a 100-in display from just 10-in away. The 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and high-end Ricoh lens recreate a crisp and realistic picture. 

Using an RGB tri-colour laser with 193% NTSC colour gamut, the projector creates a vivid picture with virtually no colour loss compared to conventional projectors with 107% NTSC colour gamut (DLP, Laser and Dual Laser).

The UST 4K projector even features built-in hi-fi quality speakers and Dolby DTS technologies to create an immersive 3D sound format. 
Ambient light should not be a problem when using Polaris as it reaches a peak brightness of 2,500 ANSI lumens, making it ideal for indoor and outdoor movie watching. The HDR10 display allows the projector to deliver brighter whites and deeper blacks while remaining detailed and crisp. 

Using Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation (MEMC) technology, fast moving pictures are much smoother and more visually appealing as the technology detects and compensates the fast motion. 

It has 3GB RAM built in and 32GB internal storage, as well as Mstar 6A-838 CPU and basic frequency max 1.7GHZ to enable the projector to meet running speed requirements. 
The company has launched the UST projector as an Indiegogo campaign, with buyers able to pledge at least $1,999 which works out to be a 30% discount of the expected retail price. Shipping is expected to begin in December.