VIOLET launches new SmartSwitch Lite & announces smart home IoT seed funding

Today sees the launch of VIOLET’s new SmartSwitch Lite, a touchscreen control panel that is 7mm thinner than the original version, offering advanced connectivity and smart features, to replace a traditional square light switch in the home.

The new SmartSwitch Lite provides convenient control over smart lighting and audio systems.

With two power supply options, the new device supports both 100-240V AC and 12-30V DC, meaning it can replace traditional light switch or existing smart keypad powered by extra low voltage wiring.

Presenting a slimmer form factor than the original version, the new SmartSwitch Lite requires a shallower electrical back box. This means that installation is much easier and customers with smaller back boxes can now benefit from what the device has to offer.

Using Wi-Fi, SmartSwitch Lite demonstrates advanced connectivity with 3rd party lighting and audio devices such as Philips Hue and Sonos out of the box. For advanced users, almost any other system that uses HTTP requests can also be connected. This gives users access to services such as Home Assistant, IFTTT and many more, with more out-of-the-box integrations coming in the future.

The new device can also be used without completely waking it up. Users can simply double tap the screen to play or pause audio or hold it to turn the lights on and off without waking the switch. If more control is required, a single tap wakes the screen and displays a sleek interface allowing simple scene recall and audio adjustment.

Seed funding

Alongside the launch of the SmartSwitch Lite, VIOLET has also announced that it is seeking S/EIS seed investment to accelerate growth and build out its smart home IoT platform in a £102bn market.

According to Statista, the smart home industry is estimated to be worth over $182bn by 2025, growing rapidly at 15.64% CAGR. Many believe the market is still in its infancy, and Ryan Ovens, CEO and founder of VIOLET, believes disparity between the two ends of the market is a key issue that need resolving.

“Whilst the consumer market is certainly now very real and substantial, it has developed largely in isolation to the traditional, luxury sector of the smart home space,” he said. “It is the big tech manufacturers such as Amazon and Google that have led the drive in the consumer sector, not the luxury industry pioneers such as Creston or Control4 who are now playing catch up.”

Together with chief brand officer, Daniel Bateman, who is driving VIOLET’s brand and marketing, and CTO, Grant Sloman, Ovens and his found team aim to shape and combine the landscapes of the smart home and IoT market by “enhancing lifestyles with integrated intelligence in every premium space”, as their vision states.

VIOLET’s S/EIS approved funding round opens today (1 February 2022). Professional investors can learn more on the campaign page.