WALL-SMART unveils unique mounting solution for concrete walls

Solving the issue of integrating technology into solid, thick, uneven wall surfaces made of concrete, brick, plaster, masonry and other rigid building materials, WALL-SMART has developed a wall mount which will enable a seamless fit and finish between rugged wall surfaces and sleek keypads, switches, touch panels, tablets, and more without sacrificing the architectural integrity of the home.

The patent-pending WALL-SMART Plaster Wall Mount features a depth calibration mechanism to ensure a flush appearance. Once the device has been securely mounted and the wall seams covered with a matching material, it looks like a natural part of the home with no compromise in performance.

“We wanted to give homebuilders in Europe and throughout the world a simple solution for flush mounting smart devices into the types of wall surfaces that until now were often unaccommodating,” said Galia Ben-Dor, WALL-SMART’s co-CEO and founder. “The Plaster Wall Mount achieves a level of installation beauty and simplicity that’s been historically difficult to accomplish with other integration techniques.”

The Plaster Wall Mount was shown for the first time last Friday at the London CEDIA Tech Summit, demonstrating how it applies to concrete walls. The new mount will also be showcased at CEDIA Expo in Dallas from 29 September to 1 October.


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