Living the high life in Switzerland

This MDU building creates an oasis of calm by focusing on health, wellbeing, sustainability, and being at one with nature. Amy Stoneham finds out more.

Health and wellbeing have become very important to homeowners, especially since the pandemic. Having a home that can work to enhance health and wellbeing creates a more relaxed and happier lifestyle.

This particular MDU project, Residenza Parco Lago built in Lugano, Switzerland, puts health and wellbeing at the centre. Everything specified, from the building’s location to the programming of AV and home technology in each apartment, was done with health and wellbeing at the forefront of the mind.

Not just thinking about health and wellbeing, although certainly a big contribution to it, this project also focuses on sustainability with renewable energy sources in the form of solar panels to provide energy to all common areas in the MDU building.

Residenza Parco Lago also promotes peace and seclusion with open spaces and extensive outdoor areas to offer indoor-outdoor living. The apartments feature terraces with views of Monte San Salvatore to the north and Lake Lugano to the south. The MDU also incorporates several panoramic walking trails, green spaces and natural surroundings to contribute to the focus on health and wellbeing at home. Even sound pollution has been taken into consideration, putting people and nature at the centre of the development and cleverly planning the routes of roads and pathways to minimise noise to enable rest and relaxation and create a calm, stress-free setting.

Adding to all of this with home automation experiences, Italian integrator, Amadeus Network Solution became involved in this project because of its expertise and know-how to create the required living environment.

“The project started three years ago and has only just been completed but it is continually being updated with additions and upgrades as the apartments are sold and residents move in,” says Alessandro Clari, director of Amadeus Network Solution.

Renzetti + Partners | Architettura Costruzione Immobiliare | Residenza Parco Lago

Multiple needs

With any MDU project, integrators must be careful not to fall into the ‘one-size-fits-all’ trap. Many developers want uniform apartments, but this is not always possible as each apartment owner will have different requirements to another. However, the apartments are usually built before being sold so tailoring each solution is not always possible.

Installing basic home technology into each apartment with options to upgrade or make additions later on is usually the approach taken when it comes to MDU projects. Clari explains: “Each apartment has the basic package consisting of KNX home automation modules and Ekinex keypads with a Control4 system. Then the end user has the choice to add an upgraded package for their apartment which consists of networking, Control4 supervision, Ksenia alarm and a customised audio system.”


Across the four-storey building, all 120 apartments benefit from Control4 EA-1, EA-3 or EA-5 entertainment and automation controllers. These smart home systems with entertainment built-in enable residents to control their entertainment devices, as well as thermostats, door locks and smart lighting, in one room.

Control4 gives residents, even those unfamiliar with home technology, ease of use and simple control over their home. The integrator installed either 8” or 10” Control4 T4 Touchscreens, remote controls, or an on-screen TV navigator to allow the user to access and control their environment.

The Control4 system is also integrated with Binary Media over IP (MoIP) for scalability, remote management, and simple network setup.

“Throughout the entire project, we have analysed the needs and chosen the best technology for this type of environment thanks to our expertise and knowledge.”

“Control4 made sense to us as it is the best supervision brand in our opinion and we have a lot of experience installing it in numerous projects,” adds Clari. “It also works well in this type of MDU development. Throughout the entire project, we have analysed the needs and chosen the best technology for this type of environment thanks to our expertise and knowledge.”

Ensuring a simple system for everyone, he continues: “Some residents already had experience with home automation systems and immediately found themselves at ease, while others, not knowing the technologies, were struck by the stupendous functionality of the system.”

Entertainment control is also kept simple with the user experience enhanced thanks to either the EA-1, EA-3 or EA-5 controllers, which can orchestrate everything from satellite or cable boxes, games consoles, TVs, and virtually any product with infrared (IR) or serial (RS-232) control. It also features IP control for TVs, Apple TV, Roku, AVRs and other network connected devices, as well as secure wireless Zigbee control for lights, thermostats, smart locks, and more.

Keeping experiences simple and in one place to promote a relaxed style of living, the Control4 systems also have a built-in music server so that users can listen to their own music library or stream from a variety of music servers without needing multiple apps.

Creating a high-end feel was an important requirement for this MDU. Speakers from Triad, JBL, Laboratorio Audio, and Revel were installed into a customised audio system depending on the individual’s needs.

Shared areas

Of course, with an MDU building, there are going to be areas that everyone uses to access their apartments. Even the shared areas of Residenza Parco Lago feature smart home technology that works with each individual apartment.

“The apartments work individually for their internal functions but communicate with each other for the parts regarding video door phones, networking and alarms,” states Clari. “The common areas are made up of networking, CCTV security systems and the video entry systems and phones, which create a union between the independent apartments and the common areas.”

A 2N Video Entry System is installed at the entrance of the building and connects to video phones in each apartment to give residents safe and secure access control to their own apartment for visitors.

CCTV from LILIN and Luma adds to the safe and secure notion with the building managers having access to the system and alarms being installed in all apartments.

The network also runs throughout the development, with each apartment having an Araknis router. In keeping with the high-end style of the development, the Araknis routers have a 1U rack design and feature blue LEDs on the front faceplate to show its status while giving a clean finish. They also support Gigabit internet to guarantee network performance to each apartment.

The common areas also feature intelligent automated lighting to save on energy.


Adding to the solar panels on the roof of the building to provide renewable energy to the shared areas of the development, the integrators have tried to make the individual apartments energy efficient too.

Just having home automation does this to an extent as it automatically controls applications in the home such as lights and heating.

But in this project, Amadeus Network Solutions has combined the Control4 system with a KNX home automation module which allows regulation of blinds and shutters, lights and thermoregulation. In this sense, everything can be programmed to work only when it is needed.

“The apartments work individually for their internal functions but communicate with each other for the parts regarding video door phones, networking and alarms.”

For example, without the user having to do anything, the lights will come on to a comfortable level, depending on the time of day and the amount of natural light coming in from outside. Similarly, if there is too much natural light or it is night time, the roller blinds will automatically close. Heating and cooling can be automated to keep the apartment at a preselected temperature. All of this creates an atmosphere that feeds health and wellbeing while also being more energy efficient.

Situated next to the lake, the building utilises water from the lake for its heating and sanitary systems, as well as the plant cooling and air conditioning.

Large development

Taking three years to fully complete, the Residenza Parco Lago was a big project that incorporated many different work talents to create a high-end, luxury feel while building an environment focused on nature, health and wellbeing.

Creating a good working relationship throughout, Amadeus Network Solution was able to work with and alongside companies such as: Renzetti e Partners (Architect Ivan Testa – Project Manager), Piona Engineering SA (Engineer Meneghin William), AD Group SA, Domoticaswis Sagl, and Elettro-Mastai SA.

The integrator was able to have daily collaborations with all the planners, developers and installers on the job to ensure there were no issues or complications with the project. Any problems that arose were dealt with quickly and easily between the different trades and experts.


Tech Spec

2N Video Entry System

Araknis Network Router

Arcam AV Processor

Binary MoIP AV Distribution

Control4 EA-1 Controller

Control4 EA-3 Controller

Control4 EA-5 Controller

Control4 T4 8” Touchscreens

Control4 T4 10” Touchscreens

Ekinex Keypads

Episode Multiroom Amplifier

HDAnywhere (HDBaseT)

HDL Home Automation Module

JBL Speakers

KNX Home Automation Module

Ksenia Security System

Laboratorio Audio Speakers

LILIN Surveillance Solution

Luma Surveillance Solution

OvrC Remote Monitoring System

Pakedge PDUs

Revel Speakers

Ruckus Wi-Fi

Sony TVs

Samsung TVs

Strong AV Mounts

Triad Amplifier

Triad Matrix

Triad Multiroom Speakers

Wall-Smart AV Mounts

Watchguard Firewall


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